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March 2013

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tilda Cards

Well here are a few Tilda and Edwin cards I have made. These are painted with H2O'S, thing of the past now what with the promarkers. Not yet perfected my colouring with them to show yet, I know my painting is maybe not the best, but never claimed to be a painted!!!!! lol I'll keep practicing with the promarkers and then may be feel brave enough to share my attempts with you soon. Watch this space!!!!!! Most of these cards have frames on them which have been cut on the cricut.

Edwin on a frame from Accent Essentials

Tilda on a frame from Pooh and Friends
Another Pooh and Friends frame with a lovely little princess crown charm on a ribbon Accent Essentials frame again, they just make the prefect place for tilda to sit not leaving Edwin out he's having a lovely time on the swing, frame is from Accent Esstials


  1. oooooh you've been a busy bunny miss fi!!! i will have to get stamping your tildas so you can have them back to practice you promarkering!!!!!!! lol!!!!

  2. Ooh!!! I LOVE these! You are great at colouring! I love the brown argyle paper you used on the very first card, where is that from?

  3. AE has FRAMES?? How did I not notice those?????

  4. glad to see you got the feed working :)


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