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March 2013

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Friday, 9 April 2010

Back from the Holiday

Well I have been away on a short break, to chill out and relax. Hubby thought it would be nice to spend the week cruising(well that's how he sold it to me !!!!) the Norfok Broads with two kids and a dog. I can't say that I was truly able to relax; I was too busy waiting for the Splash!! Anyhow, it was memorable, and nice to be away from all the stress's of everyday life. Callum, Ally and Spencer the dog relax on the roof of the boat (relief they are still for five minutes) Callum & Ally relaxing on the bench in the woods, while Spencer has a bird in sight. Ally and Spencer on door duty Ally and Spencer in the Captain's seat Callum and Ally enjoying the breeze as they HOLD ON to the back of the boat(before walking around the sides, that's when mum has kittens !!! RELAX my dear says hubby !!!lol) Me and the boys having a walk in the parkland. (relax !!!!)

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  1. glad you had a fab time hunny and i love the piccies, will show them to mo before he goes to bed!!! big hugs lou xxxxxxx


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