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March 2013

It's a great friendly group even if I say so myself.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Paper Flowers

I have seen some lovely flowers being made, so thought it was time I tried my hand at them. I used some handmade papers and my Cricut, George and basic shape cart. I have used purple paper both light and dark, on some I used Glitter. The Two (right hand side)which are very sparkley were done using spray glue and then dipped in glitter. The other (on left hand side) I used Crafters Campanion silver giltter spray. On these flowers I have used the crafty notions spray, they are so lovely but they get everywhere. I use a cardboard box when the sprays are out. The other thing that happens is my little helper (Ally) comes along and produces page after page of soggy paper (oh well more paper required). The other downside is that it doesn't stay in the box (my walls are very pretty too) !!!! and there's alot less in the pot (oh mum we need some more), never mind he has a great time.


  1. The flowers are so pretty!

  2. They are beautiful,love the colours can imagine your pretty glittery walls :)
    Karen x x x x

  3. Oh lovely, they are so pretty.

  4. oooooh they came out so pretty fi xxxxxx


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