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March 2013

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

My new nails

Oh I'm so excited and wanted to share my new nails with you.
Sorry I know I don't have the best hands, but the nails are really lovely
My wonderful hubby treated me to them. Well what he actually said was""go and get your nails done if you want then done". So that's just what happened and yes I know very different. It was a very talented Chinese guy who did them and it's all done by hand no transfers (the pics don't do them justice as they really sparkle).
Thanks for dropping in.
Fi x


  1. Oh mrs what can of night is hubby in for? shhhh private dont need to know that (ah ah) but hope he enjoy's them,also dose he know that he has even more housework to do,
    Joke's aside they are fab xx

  2. wow look at those! i bet they took the painter ages because those flowers are so delicate,just beautiful
    hugs Lou xxxx


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