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March 2013

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ally's Accident

Well sorry no card today been busy with sick children got my big boy at home in bed suffering from man flu. No bless him he did look ill and went very early to bed last night, so that mean he must be sick.
Here's a little pic of my little man Ally and his poorly thumb. All was well when I pick up from school on Tuesday evening until I got home then it all went wrong thumb trapped in the car door, lots of noise and tears but still attached.

This is Ally looking very sorry for himself

This is his thumb sorry it's not very clear but may be that's just as well

Another one but the big thumbs up pose. Well that's all for today may be back later with my new nails.


Fi xx


  1. Oh dear poor fellow, maybe he can have his nail's done just like mummy (dont think so denise dont be silly i hear him saying) But ally i think you have a very cruel mummy sending you to school xx

  2. oh bless him,poor chap but super brave ally xxxxx
    if he's anything like boo she was desperate to go back to school and show off her war wound!! sam said she has never gone into school so well!!! romfl!!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx


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