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March 2013

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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lady Golfer

I have had to wait until I could post this card as it was for a very good friend, and I didn't want her to peek and see it.
It's her birthday today so Happy Birthday Margaret.
She has opened the card now so enabled me to share her surprise.
The lady golfer is fabric and the very nice kind friendly Enfys shared her with me,
isn't she lovely (both the Enfys and the golfer).
The card is of Wild card (dolly card) cart, It's one of my fav carts.
I used my Marta Stewart heart Punch and attached a little heart which
says hand made with love.


  1. I love what you did with her Fi, your blog is looking great!
    big hugs
    En xx

  2. Well i hope margaret liked this card? i think it fit's her to a t or is that tee

  3. Too cute, Fi! I bought a bunch of that fabric when En was doing cards like this and then never used it. Now there are stamps with these fab characters and I have some of those too (and never used them, either) To many craft supplies, not enough time! xxD


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