Just to let everyone know that we have a Cricut club once a month here in LINCOLN UK. Everyone is welcome but places need to be booked to ensure there is room for everyone, so just drop me a line to ensure you get a place.

March 2013

It's a great friendly group even if I say so myself.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cricut Workshops

Hi Back again today. Sorry to disappoint you all no card. I have my two long days at work Tues/Weds so no me time. I thought what a great time to tell you all about my news. Well the lovely Jo Channon (yes as seen on Create and Craft) from Let's Create at Coningsby, has asked me if I would do some Cricut classes over at her shop. Wow what a lovely welcome I had too, full classes both times and hope to make it a regular thing. My next class is going to be on the Cricut Design studio, and before you all start shouting Craftroom. As you all know it's great but only if you can have internet connect where ever you are, unfortunately we don't. I Love the Cricut Design Studio for that reason, it's portable and can be seen on the large screen. It just opens a whole new outlook on the Cricut and lets you untilise your cartridges to mix them together. So if you or anyone you know might like to join us please don't hesitate to contact me or Jo (or Mark at the shop).


  1. Fiona you are very good at teaching people about the cricut and the design studio. All that i know about the machine and it's add on's came from joining in at your club, you are alway's around to help us out.So thank's very much for your time xx

  2. HI Pauline B here this is just to let anyone that is thinking of going to Fiona's classes get booked in cos i'm well past retirement age and went to Fiona's classes that she had at "Ali craft" Lincoln and am still going to her craft club at Washingborough I would not have know how to used my cricut to it full pretension if I had not had Fiona to show me the way best teacher ever

  3. Am so looking forward to your next session at Jo Channon's Fiona. As you know I went along to your first session, reluctantly, to accompany my Hubby who had purchased a Cricut for us to use. I was not at all interested but did go with him and as a result I have found a new tool in our craft room! Hu8bby is still the main user but a second session with you has helped me even more and am now looking forward to your class on the Cricut Design Studio. I believe that if people were taught by someone as talented (and friendly) as yourself when purchasing a Cricut they would never look back. Thank you for helping a stick in the mud to see the light. XX

  4. Hi Fi Glad I introduced to the Cricut cos you left me standing and helped me so much every time I got stuck. Fab tuition! Unlike me, your really patient. You taught me loads with Design Studio which helped produce some fab cards. Love Cricut Club, everyone is so friendly and helpful and we bounce ideas off each other. Love the card challenges and bonus we get to use your carts. Thanks Hun. Hugs
    Margaret W


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