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March 2013

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Saturday, 10 December 2011


WOW Well after a busy day out with Ally (my little boy) at his school Christmas fair.
I have been a parent helper today and after feeling very rough this week so was pleased that I was able to make it. I'm sure all of us have had the moments in life when your heart melts, well that was me he was playing in the band and a great job they all did.
He started playing the guitar in July and wow he is doing so well
(I know I'm a little bias as he's mine but I love how far he had come).
What a perfect end to a fab day and a not so great week.
I was lucky enough to be selected in the allsorts challenge WK 132 and won a super prize, big thanks can't wait to indulge in my fab prize. Those of you who know me will understand I don't have much confidence in doing many challenges and always love feedback from anyone good or bad, so please pop in even if it's only a little line.
( I have to say a great BIG thanks to LOU as she is always they with comments of support)
Thanks Fi x


  1. Huge hugs hun, you so need to do omre challenges 'cos you're fab!!
    More hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. WELL DONE FI ! You really deserve this prize - enjoy it and make sure you keep doing the challenges! xx Jo Channon


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