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March 2013

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

My Craft Den

Well after a big tidy up session I thought before I made a mess
I would share my Craft Den with you.
I have just made a rack to hold my paper, all by myself
(well a little help from my mum to hold things) and
I'm very pleased with it as now I can see all my card and papers better.
I was a little shocked at what I had and kept hearing my mum saying
you DONT need to buy any more!!!! which of course I'll listen to!!! but not
taken any notice lol.
My hubby said I wouldn't be able to make it,
so that was like showing a red rag to a bull !!! lol
I must say i didn't realise I had so many ribbons (not all on display)I had and
my gems seem to have been breeding or is it I never put them away
and just buy more as they are soooo pretty.
I'm sure we all do that.
I found some stamps which had gone missing it's be sooo much fun having a tidy up
and sort out.
Not much has been outed as you never know when you might need it.
Well here goes with some pics, love to hear what you think. lol
Now I best get some cards made Fathers day tomorrow and must do some challenges to use some stuff. lol
Bye for now Fi xxx


  1. WOW WOW WOW what a great craft room, im in awe off your lovely paper collection and lovely shelving.Have fun creating in your lovley new room.
    Karen x x x x

  2. oooh fi, that looks absolutely fantastic hun, love the paper 'trays' and how they go right down to the floor and there is sooooo much paper!!!!

  3. Wow, you've got loads of goodies in your craft space, have fun.

  4. Wow I hope you floor can take the weight of all that paper! Love the ribbons, mine are just boxes of tangle. Have fun.
    Grace x

  5. YOU HAVE MORE PAPER THAN OUT MICHAEL'S!!!!! I'm sooo jealous! xxD

  6. oh my god!! I need to come and visit you and Lou :)

  7. Tut Tut is that a Bigshot I see on the shelf LOL ...Snap I have one as well...Love the layout of your craft space.. mine is minute in comparrison...


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