Just to let everyone know that we have a Cricut club once a month here in LINCOLN UK. Everyone is welcome but places need to be booked to ensure there is room for everyone, so just drop me a line to ensure you get a place.

March 2013

It's a great friendly group even if I say so myself.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Skull and Cross bones

I really enjoyed making this card. I did it with a class to show the use of the marker pens (sharpies and another of Amy C holders ). I have used Indie art and Plantin Schoolbook not forgetting Cricut Design Studio as that’s the main reason for the classes to show and encourage others to use it. I enjoy using Design Studio very much and rarely use my Cricut without it.


  1. oooooooh that is just so cool fi, love the little skulls.

  2. That turned out SOOOO COOL! I'm loving what you are doing with the holders! You go girl! Amy


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